Trigger Based Historic Data Log Suddenly Stops Logging

Hey All,

Some of our controllers have a trigger based historic data log that occasionally will completely stop logging. The data log is based on a start trigger with the number of samples set to 1. There is also a notification configured to clear the trigger. The trigger is set off during certain events, typically once or twice an hour. Sometimes the data log will stop logging data at a certain, random point.

Does this happen to anyone else too? Any idea if there is some other factor that is interfering with the data log? Does the notification sometimes fail to clear the trigger tag?(I have yet to determine if this is the case for my situation). Overall this is quite puzzling to me and I was curious if others had some thoughts.

Some other details: I am running PAC Display Configurator Basic Version B9.4 – Those machines have not been updated with the latest version of PAC Project but why change something that works, right? It doesn’t make sense to me why this function would suddenly start to have problems when it was working well for several months until these logs have randomly decided to stop recording data occasionally.

Thoughts? Comments?


The best way to get help for these sorts of questions is to email them to support@opto22 dot com.
You will get an issue tracking number and they will see it through to resolution.

I understand your comment about not upgrading from 9.4, but just the same, I would both search the KB’s and for sure read the readme for changes in Pac Display It sounds a lot like the sort of thing that might have been found and fixed.

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Ok I will try those things out, thank you for getting back to me.