Trend not zooming

Why does the trend not let me zoom in past 1 hr?
The scan interval is 10 sec. over a 2 day period.

groov trend zoom

Trend Zoom 2

EPIC info

I noticed available disk space is low is that the issue? Are the trends eating up all of the disk space?

It does.

Grab the handle and zoom less than an hour.

Do you have shell access on that groov EPIC?
I cant say what is using your hard drive by looking at those screenshots.

In the past, yes it would zoom in much further. Now, that is as far as it will zoom. Believe me, I tried.

No shell access.

Huh. I built one to your specs and sure enough, I cant go less than an hour… Thanks for humoring me.
I am just about to jump on a Zoom call, but I have a few trends that can go less than an hour, so there is some ‘magic’ combination of total time vs update rate that we are hitting here.

Regarding whats using your disk, please hit up support and you will need to allow them to activate the remote support feature so they can find the large files and help you understand how to manage them - ie, do it soon before you run out of space and your EPIC will get cranky with you.

It’s probably limiting you to about 66 2/3 minutes, or 400 visible trend points. That was increased from 100 points in 4.3b. I can’t remember the details entirely, but it has something to do with rendering instability with too few points showing.

At that point you’re already viewing the raw data, so showing fewer points isn’t zooming in any further, it’s just showing fewer points.

Why does the 1 hr. button show if it’s always going to be greyed-out?

Also, is there going to be a better way to view data points. The current float over trend is terrible with more than one trend line in a graph.
That’s actually the reason for zooming in further. It makes viewing data points easier.

I didn’t think to adjust those buttons when I raised the minimum number of visible points.

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I guess that’s a bug fix for the next update. :+1:

Consider it done. Thank you.

I second that. I have had alot of complaints since upgrading to R4.3g with having multiple pens, its very hard to get the data from one pen each data point one after the other without the zoom function.

the 12 hour trend below at 1 min intervals scan only zoom into 6 hours.

@Jonathan_Fischer could you look at something like this to show all pen data per time stamp/data point?

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