Trend Gadget in groov View

Hi Guys

This information is more of a suggestion than a problem-solving expedition and is being slightly tilted toward the baseline engineers at Opto 22. if they are watching.

Trend Gadget is a useful tool to show data over time. What if the data being collected gets scrubbed (Clean in the Operator’s eyes) in the controller (PLC) before it gets to the HMI (trend gadget) that is based on a time-constant loop? It is recording stale data in that situation. Is it possible to get a Static Start Time Option(When to Start Recording, On a New e.g.Day / Hour condition) and an Input boolean signal(Disable Time Loop) that would advance the trend graph on future upgrades(But still be Time Viewable)? The reason for this rant is, operators in my sphere, looking at the graphs, look for formal conditions when making decisions that are based on those trend graphs. I have noticed that as soon as the trend gadget gets published to the groov EPIC it starts recording, so technically its internal time starts off the clock. and maybe in my situation the PLC (groov EPIC) has not Cleaned the data that it should show on the graph, but it still recorded it. There seems to be a slight disconnect between the PLC and trend gadget (HMI) in showing healthy data for some situations. I have seen where the current trend gadget setup works just fine, but not for others.