Transfer data from Groov View Trend to Sql

Hi, Currently i set my groov view trends to read values such as temperature, temperature setpoint and gas valve position. Which is logged every 15 seconds for 1 year. The data is downloaded as csv. Is there a way to transfer data to sql from trends link? or i have to use nodered to inject the data?


Use the forum search to get tips on how to do each part of this.
For example, @torchard flow at the bottom of this thread to get the data from that URL:

Use an inject set at the rate you want to get the data.
The inject feeds into a http get node with that ‘download URL’.

The http node goes into a CSV node to break up the data.

A function node will take each data point from the CSV and make a SQL inject (Or batch it up, Im not SQL smart (more of a sqlite guy - sort of).


Honestly, you would be better to just get the data from the same source as groov View and log it to SQL from there, but that’s just how I do it.