Traffic sensing loop

Hey there
I am looking to make a traffic sensing loop, with noification ,

when i google traffic loops i get network traffic with a pid loop,

Help? Thanks

Hi Burt,

First up, why are you posting to the forums at 2am!!! Get some sleep man!

Ok, I have done this with Opto, here is how I did it, its not the only way,but its the way I went about it…
First, I jumped on Ebay and did a search for ‘vehicle loop detector’ and picked up this unit for about 25 bucks.

Then I wound the coil around a trash can…

You end up with something like this;

In my case, it detects when my car is in and out of the garage.

I was able to cover mine with a bit of carpet, you may have to change things if you want yours outside.

Then, as far as the Opto goes, it was pretty straight forward since the detector box has a dry contact relay, I simply used a SNAP-IDC5-SW digital input module, from there, it goes into groov and an email event is created for the loop and the job was done.

Hope that helps.

Wow Beno, what do you use this for?

Um… @philip I have optomized my garage door… yeah I know…

Anyway, my phone has a fixed IP address, I have a pac that pings that IP, when its not there, it sets a flag.
When I come home, my phone joins the wifi at the bottom of the street.
If the phone joins, and the door is shut and the car is not in, then open the door.
When the car gets in, and is clear, then shut the door.

So yeah, I use it to detect when my car is home.

Beno , Perfect, thanks will check it out, oh i was asleep at one point but wasnt anymore so i had to check out the geek’s forums, then back to Zzzzz land, see you next week, Cheers