Touchscreen monitor

I want to use a touchscreen monitor with the latest install of PAC Project.
Is there anything special I need to look for in a touchscreen monitor or will any screen do the job?
I was hoping to use a 22" or 24" monitor.


What hardware / computer will it be attached to?
I think that’s the most important thing, PAC Project does not have any touch drivers as such, its all down to the base OS to do that part.

Hi, thank for your reply.
I will be using Windows 10, so it should have touchscreen drivers?

Depends on the monitor.
Talk with the company you intend to buy from and they should get you running.

With the EPIC 1.5.0 release about a month ago, does anyone have recommendations for a touchscreen HDMI monitor (either projected capacitive (PCAP) monitors or resistive touchscreen)? Knowing the make & model would be very helpful.

I would stick with the list of supported monitors from page 85 of the users guide.

Opto 22 has tested and approves the following monitors for use with GRV-EPIC-PR1:
The following touchscreen monitors are manufactured by American Industrial Systems (AIS) and are listed by AIS part number–
•ITM-TMNA0U-12AC-000C—12.1 inch, HDMI input, 9–36 VDC powered
•ITM-TMNA0U-21AC-000C—21.5 inch, widescreen, HDMI input, 9–36 VDC powered
Note that for these two monitors, 640 x 480 resolution is not supported. For more information about American Industrial Systems (AIS) monitors, visit the AIS website at

•SL-LCD-17A-RTOUCH-2 by SuperLogics. For more information about this monitor, visit the SuperLogics website at

•HIS-UM15-CTBH by Hope Industrial Systems. For more information about this monitor, visit the Hope Industrial Systems website at

•Dell 2314T, a 23-Inch Touchscreen LED-lit Monitor by Dell.

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Any plans to test with Advantech touchscreen monitors?

We have tested one Adventech monitor and found it did not work (resistive touch screen), it has some odd way of loading both touch and move events at the same time.

EDIT, thanks for asking, its helpful to know what screens people are looking to use.

Ok, good to know. Thanks.

Hi, I tryed a HOPE industrial 17" monitor, resistive touch, no luck, can’t find the above mentioned model HIS-UM15-CTBH.
We used HOPE due warranty and exchange terms, their equipment is truly industrial rated.
The PCAP seems to be the way to go.