Time Zone for this Forum?

Time Zone for this Forum appears to be from the Asian Continent? Any particular reason?

It is the middle of the planet?

Just kidding, I will take a look, but if its up to me, I will be setting it for Melbourne Australia…

(Perhaps UTC would be better?).

I believe this is a user setting (each user has their own timezone). But perhaps the default should be something else?

Just checked.
The forums are set for GMT-8:00 (Pacific Time).
Will leave them at that since it’s the same time zone as Opto 22 HQ.

I am in the Same time zone. But the forum replies does not reflect that.

For example…

It was 1:32 PM (PST) when I replied above. Forum shows I replied at 9:32 PM.

Hi skyfox,
I just used my SuperModerator SuperPowers to change your personal timezone to Pacific Time. Hopefully that will solve all your problems. At least, around here, related to time posts… :wink:

Thanks Mary.

I won’t be able to see if it is correct until I hit reply.

And it is…