Time Trend Graph

Why cant i make this trends display 3 days?

How long ago did you change it to 3 days? Maybe you need to give some time to collect 3 days worth of data?

4 days ago…
Did i configure it correctly?

Keep in mind I have a few other trends, that I have setup with a 1 day period, could that have something to do about this?

No. As far as I know, each trend is its own entity.
What platform are you running groov on?
What version is it?

groov View version R4.2b (r59721)

And what platform? ie, what hardware is it running on?
(Not 100% sure it matters, but it might help track down whats going on).

EDIT. The other really important bit of information we need is what web browser are you using and what is its version?