Time change due to outage of the power supply

Every friday machines are turn off at 4:30 pm (end of shift) and then are turn on 7:30 pm for the night shift, in 2 of this machines I have groov rio modules, the time changes in the module due to the outage of the supply voltage, I need to know if there is a way that can maintain the same time in the moment that we energize again the module? At this moment when I arrive Monday I need to correct the time

This does not sound normal or correct, so lets dig into it a bit as I am a little confused.

From the groov Manage menu, click on System, then Time.
Here is what my settings look like…

Can you give us a screen shot of what the machine that loses time looks like please.

Also how are you determining the time when you power back up?
Are you using any sort of timing in Node-RED?
Please also provide a screen shot of the Network Status.
Here is mine:

This is important because the time sync on the RIO needs to connect with the time server you have configured in the previous screen shot.
The two functions go hand in hand, both have to be correct in order for the NTP (Network Time Protocol) to function correctly.

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Thank you issue was solved, the equipment is installed in Honduras central america but in locality my country was not found so I add El Salvador country that is close to my country and has the same time.

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