Third Ethernet for EPIC

I know it’s not technically supported, but since some WiFi units are supported I thought I’d ask…

Is there an Ethernet (e.g. RJ45) USB unit that works with the EPIC? I actually want to access a third network with Node Red (only) - and I don’t want to use WiFi.

We use the Node Red SNMP functions to keep track of status of switches on the two control networks, and in some cases we have a remote monitoring network that’s not directly connected to the control networks where the EPICs are located. But, since we want to have the system monitor that network’s status as well, it would be awesome to use that instead of running Node Red on a different unit.

As it happens, I’ve done this and 10/10 cant really recommend it.
Reason is you end up in iptables yuckyness getting it limping.

Rather than painfully hurting your brain via an SSH session, I’d just grab a supported WiFi dongle and one of those little affordable travel routers. Join the EIPC Wifi dongle to the router and the router to your third network.
Lots more fun.
Lots faster, lots more reliable and firmware upgrade survivable.

Yeah, I know, you said you don’t want to use Wifi.

Thanks Beno

I had a feeling that might be the case, and that solution is a good one… But the US government really doesn’t want us to use WiFi in a sensitive location.

So I’ll revert to running Node Red on one of the computers that has access to all three networks and handle the monitoring of that portion there (that’s what I did last time).

I bought 3 assorted adapter from Amazon, they ranged between 10 and 20 dollars.
I just made sure they all claimed out of the box Linux support. 2 of them worked no problem on the EPIC.
The iptables fun will be getting an IP address and gateway assigned. Once thats done, Node-RED should pick it up and use it as you need.