Thermocouple k volt to temp

So I am looking to see how I might convert the volts from a K Thermocouple reading to a Temperature value. Any guidance is appreciated.

What module are you using? The Opto22 thermocouple modules have the conversion built-in.

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What @philip said.
Our modules will convert the mv from the type K to either F or C depending on how you have the I/O rack configured.
No conversion required on your behalf.

Thanks, that’s awesome did not know that. Would this be true for pressure transducers?

Aren’t your pressure transducers linear? The normal scaling settings would take care of that.


Thanks Philip! We have not received the thermocouples or pressure transducers yet to connect up to the EPIC and I am trying to write the logic we need in PAC Control hence all the questions. I appreciate the support this is our first experience with this kind of system.