Text Size in Tablet and Mobile View

I have an app which uses text fields. I have them set to 16 in my tablet view which looks great but it also sets them to 16 in my mobile view which is way bigger than all my other text, which is set to auto. There doesn’t seem to be a way to separate them. Why is that? The screen area is much bigger on a tablet, and I thought the whole idea was for everything to be scalable.



Hi Dave,

You have two choices. You can leave both views with a text size of auto, in which case it will automatically scale.
Or you can break the link for text size so that you can have 16 in your tablet view and something less than that (12, maybe) in your mobile view.

Here’s how to break the link. In groov Build, click your text area gadget in the workspace to highlight it. Then look in the Properties pane (upper right). See the small buttons at the right that have what looks like two links of a chain in them? Click the one next to Text Size, and then you’ll be able to set that property separately in the two views.



Perfect! That chain thing was the key because there is no auto on the text field, at least in my Groov. The drop-down only gives me 2-128 as a font size.

Thank you,