TEX cables

Hi forum people
I and just wondering if any O22 users out there have used the TEX-CBE6 or CBO6 cables in any of their installations… can any one explain why if a terminal (Even or Odd) is common inside the cable housing why we still get 8 cores???
wouldn’t it make sense that if the common wire is tied internally within the module connector and that there is only 1 common on the fly lead (it might need to be slightly bigger gauge to accommodate extra currents)??
i have had a client who commented that for an installation there is no difference between a CBE6/CBO6 and a CBS6 because they are working on a mining site, all cables must be terminated.

i would officially like to recommend that the CBE6 and CBO6 cables be supplied as a 5 core cable (or optioned??).

Any one if favor of 5 core CBE6 and CBO6 cables??


I’ve often thought the same thing. It would save connecting a number of duplicate wires if there was 1 common wire per cable. My understanding is that the commoning actually happens inside the module - not the cable connector.