Testing opto 22 snap-aitm

Hi guys, I normally don’t like to pop into a forum to ask one simple question. But I wasn’t able to find an answer online. Ok so here’s the question. My company has recently replaced a bunch of opto 22 snap-aitm cards. About 50% were still good. My question is there any way to test these to see which ones are still good or not?

Hello John J,

Welcome to the forums! Simple questions are welcome too. :slight_smile:
Especially since the SNAP-AITM module is on the “lifetime” list for our warranties:

I’d strongly recommend you contact our product support group, it’s free! They can help you determine if the modules are still good and if you did anything to void the warranty.

Just curious – why were they replaced? FYI, if you were seeing any funky readings coming from the modules, check the voltage on the rack. That’s one of the most common issues product support helps to uncover when people call in with module issues. Here’s a quick video showing you how to check for that:
Voltage check OptoMinute

Thanks for asking, and I hope you’ll share details of your situation and what you learn!


Wow took me long enough to reply huh? Ok first off I wasn’t directly involved with the decision to replace all the stuff. But I believe it was due to an upgrade in our autoclave software. The old equipment didn’t play as nice as they wanted with it. I will give your product support line a call and see if we can determain which ones are still good. Also thanks for the link to the video. I’m the calibration tech for my shop and I work closely with our autoclave vendor when upgrades or repairs are done. Those videos will be a nice help in making me a bigger part of troubleshooting issues.