Templatizing Groov View Graphics (Best Practices)

I’m back with another Groov ecosystem question. We’re looking to roll out similar HMI graphics via Groov Server For Windows to a large number of operator stations (40 or so). All data from the HMI is being parsed in Node-Red on the server and information is passed back and forth with outside applications. Some data is sent back from those applications to be displayed on the graphic for the operator. Each station has the following info:

  • 1 Digital IO point collected via a Groov RIO module
  • 1 handheld barcode scanner connected locally to the HMI (tentatively writing to fields via standard keyboard inputs)
  • Several buttons on the screen to collect operator input and pass via Node Red to outside services
  • Several data fields being populated on the HMI via Node Red integrations with outside services

We’re getting a pretty good feel for how to set up the screens for one operator, but I’m curious if there are any tools or advice for templatizing the graphic or components of it for easy changes down the road. Right now it looks like I’ll need to create 40 versions and retag each graphic with tags specific to that station. Is there a way to dynamically tag the graphic based on an input field or do any other time saving measures there? Anything to reduce the effort of changes would be appreciated. All of the tags could be tied to the station number, for example, Motor15RunStatus could be the status of the motor at station 15. It would be great if I could have the operator enter whatever their station number is and all of the tags self address (or do something to my data to mark it as coming from or going to station 15). Any suggestions are appreciated!

I would love to hear if there is a way to do this without creating separate pages in groov, but I don’t think there is.

Don’t forget when you need to fix or change something and need to do it 40 times - not what I want to spend my time doing.

For 40 stations, I would use Ignition Perspective where I can do exactly what you are wanting - build one screen and done (and they have a barcode scanner input component).

Groov is too expensive for projects like this where time == money.

Unfortunately Ignition isn’t an option for this particular client for some business reasons, but so far we’ve been very happy with the Opto22 RIO modules and Groov View seems like a good extension of that. Hopefully there’s at least a couple of time saving moves I can make. Thanks!