Is there a max operating temperature for the SNAP PAC hardware? I have mine in a sealed box in a greenhouse. The box sits in direct sunlight much of the day. It has been working fine for the past year, but I am wondering if I should shade the box. All input is appreciated…

Yes, all our products have temperature ratings.

Take a look at the product of interest on the website, then click on the ‘Specifications’ tab under the product.
There you will find the data.
For example; http://www.opto22.com/site/pr_details.aspx?cid=1&item=SNAP-PAC-R2
For the PAC R2 controller, we see its 0 to 60 deg C.

Often times we will put an ICTD module in and put one probe outside and one inside the enclosure, this way we can log the ambient temperature and the Opto equipment temperature (and alarm as necessary).

Without seeing your application I am only guessing, but I am pretty sure you really should have a shade over the box.
If nothing else just to reduce the amount of UV the box and gear is exposed to (and it will drop the temperature a whole lot).

In other words, even if it is within spec, it wont cost much to build and install a shade and it will ensure the life and performance of the gear exceeds your expectations.

Great…something else on my to-do list :wink: . Thanks Ben!

All fixed. Got one of those corrugated sheets of white plastic they make yard signs with…cut to fit around my box. That should drop the temp nicely…