Teco h610

Has anybody tried to connect a TECO H610 touch screen to SNAP PAC controller as a HMI?
I like the way that screen looks for some smaller projects but I’m not sure how to conect it. it includes an OPC Server and a db25 com2 for rs485 and also has an ethernet port.

if any body has some info would be appreciated.



WinCE is always a bit tricky.
I have not heard of anyone getting PAC Dipslay running on it.
Also, I think the version of InternetExploer that ships on it is not exactly ‘modern’, so even using it to view pages made with groov might be problematic.
Also, again with WinCE, it might be hard to install Firefox or Chrome on it, but if you could, they should be able to display groov pages.

Lastly, the CPU’s they list are not exactly power houses, so I’m not sure what sort of experience you would get from it.

Hope I did not shatter any dreams… I suggest a bit of a Google and you should be able to turn up a panel PC that would run PAC Display natively. Yes, you might pay a little more, but in the end, having a pure plug and play solution that ‘just works’ and is maintainable, will save you money in the medium to long turn.

I kind of figure that, the Teco representative made it sound like it would work with any PLC system and easy, I did lose some interest when I saw it was running WinCE.
thanks for the info.

just a thought on the panel pc. i’ve recently run into some trouble with a panel pc and pac display. the issue is after some time, dynamic updates appear to stop (i have had extensive discussions with support and it would appear to be an issue with the hardware and windows).

just wondering what brands/makes/models of panel PC’s Opto users have had success with? i am up for a replacement and don’t want to run into the same issues. i hope someone would care to share??

the pc in question is this (17A2 model).

i would really appreciate any input on this.


I am currently exploring some Beckhoff Panel PCs. Very nice hardware IMO. I am currently playing with a WinCE version for groov, but would like to get a big boy (19"-24") running full windows for PAC Display runtime. Any word on when multi-touch will be supported/useful with PAC Display?

I have a well system control running at three separate locations (via 5.8 wifi) and a fourth office location. The office is running a Dell desktop and the remote sites all have a control panel door mounted Dell Latitude 10.2" tablet running Win8 Pro. Even though it’s win8 I did manage to get the one issue solved which had to do with power settings (going to sleep). I designed a 3/4" thick milled out enclosure for the tablets with neoprene gaskets that essentially have a window milled out of one side and the back is open for application to the outside of a panel door. There are counter sunk screws that hold and seal the whole enclosure to the panel door. It looks really good and works like a champ. I use RDP and can remote into any of these tablets from my office. Each one of these run the same exact Pac Display screen that the desktop does and therefore, updating the whole system can be done from my desktop. I paid around $650 for the tablets. In the case of the tablets, i use a USB to ethernet converter (very small inline and $15) and connect it to the router, however, could have also used the local router 2.4 wifi with no cable. I did all this over a year ago and there are only more options available. If you’re on a wired network or a fiber network that isn’t remote, then you can use a Groov and any number of low cost Android tablets for less than $400 each.
On the other hand, if that approach isn’t enough show biz then I use a 22" widescreen touch screen from ELO Touch. I think the price is around $450 and it is an open panel mount style. This has capacitive or resistive touch, very fast screen, high res, and generates very little heat (<40 watts) and then I mount one of these I3 or I5 fanless PC’s on the back for $600-$800 and now I have a high performance touch PC that is more than capable of running SoftPac, Pac Display and or Groov all at the same time. I also make a aluminum bezel with mating screw holes with SS button head screws for the ELO and it makes a real nice looking (hi tech looking) touch PC.

Wow, looks good, Barrett! Thanks for sharing.

FYI, coming soon: some tips & tricks & examples for more “show biz” as you called it, using groov w/some nice SVG images.

I have been thinking about the touch panel/micro pc route as well. What fanless PC’s are you using? Industrial hardened? Have you considered using an atom processor for low power/heat?

We selected the Shuttle XS36VL for our fanless PC, mounted onto the back of a [URL=“http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824217111”]12" Elo touch screen. With this solution, you’ll need to buy the hard drive, vesa mount for the computer, RAM, and operating system separately, so it isn’t exactly turn key. Total cost for the hardware was about $1000. I haven’t used this combination long enough to comment on its reliability yet.

I’d strongly recommend a Pro-series SSD to keep the response time up. On the more involved systems, we use rack mount PC’s and touch screens, so we can use a Xeon E3 processor with other server class hardware, for something like $1500 - $2000.

I’m not sure if Elo still even makes them, but I will no longer use the “SAW” touch techology and instead stay with “Intellitouch”. In a manufacturing environment, SAW was not reliable.

Thank you for sharing this thread…