Tag History Sync not posting from backup gateway in redundant pair

I’m working with a pair of groov EPICs running Ignition Edge as a redundant master and backup gateway. I have them configured with Tag History Sync to another Ignition Gateway elsewhere in our environment. All three are in the same Gateway Network and the remote server’s security zone is set up to allow both EPICs to connect. When I fail over from the master to the backup, it takes over as expected. I can see the local version of the tags history on the backup gateway. But, the backup gateway does not push the values over to the remote server. I have two other Edge pairs set up for testing, and those both fail over and post from the backup without any issue.

As a note: this did work when I first configured it. As part of testing, I forced a resync of the backup from the master. Ever since then, the backup will not post to the remote server. I’ve tried deleting the Gateway Network entries and recreating them as well as reconfiguring the security zone. Since I have not seen this issue with our other Edge devices, I figured I would post here versus posting on Ignition’s forum.

The version of Edge on EPIC is not special in anyway.
Opto software engineers literally go to the Inductive website, download Edge and put it in our hard drive image. No changes are made to their code.

Could it be a firewall issue? I suspect not because you said you had it working at one stage, so the firewall must either be setup correctly, or not an issue (if its all outgoing data, the firewall is not in the picture).

That said, it sounds like you have more hardware at your disposal than I do, so I cant set anything up to replicate it.
Best bet would be to post on the Ignition forum I think in this case.

As an aside, did you know that in EPIC firmware version 1.4.0 you can turn on full Ignition via groov Manage? I wonder if that would help with some of the master/backup gateways you are building?

Thanks. I’ll post over there as well. I’ll post my findings here once I have a resolution as well.

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Per Inductive’s request I followed their instruction “try setting the syncid in the localhistoriansync table to 0”. This corrected the issue. The EPICs are now failing over correctly again.

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Great. Thanks for letting us know.