Table refresh speeds

I’m running PAC Pro 10.3 and have a strategy/HMI using a fair amount of tables. After using document 1776 (which was an amazing help) I got to the section about changing a couple registry key values. Changing these two keys made an outrageous difference, particularly when loading recipes. Is there a way to set these keys automatically when installing PAC Project? Did I maybe miss something? Any information would be helpful, thank you!

Glad to hear the registry tweak works outrageous well for you.

You did not miss anything, we don’t make ‘maybe’ changes to the registry on behalf of the user during the install. Those tweaks are there to be tried and tested only by those users that feel comfortable making those sorts of changes on a computer by computer bases.

Understood. I suppose I could simply make it part of the batch install we are setting up.

That would be the best way yes. Just keep in mind that if you are installing on a different version of Windows you should install the vanilla PAC Display and test if the reg edit needs to be done before making them.

Sounds like what we should do then is make the registry edit its own batch file to execute. So we will install all our software, test the display and if needed execute the batch file to edit registry. I like it.

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