System Update Decompress Error


I am having an error updating one of the Groov Epic Units to Firmware Ignition8 3.1.0 from version 2.0

After updating file, it fails to decompress update, and the process stops there, I have tried the following so far:

  • Stop Pac strategy.
  • Try with a freshly downloaded firmware file.
  • Restart device and retry.

Is there anything else I can try to get this unit updated?


Yes there is.

You can’t jump from what firmware version you are currently running directly to the firmware with Ignition 8 in it.
Go back to your portal and download the 3.1.0 version with Ignition 7 in it.
Update to this version first.
Then update to the version with Ignition 8 in it.

Note: You should only update to Ignition 8 if you really must run 8. Just update to 7 if you don’t actually need either Ignition or Ignition 8.

FYI, the error; fail to decompress, is because Ignition 8 is about twice the size of 7 and the EPIC needs to run the Ignition 7 update first to make room on the EPIC for a possible future update to the version with Ignition 8 in it.

(All this is in the read me).

You are correct, I made a terrible assumption here, and neglect to read the readme file.

thanks for the information.

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