Sync'ing the time on EB2 from PAC Control

I know you can manually sync the time of an EB2 from PAC manager. It there is anyway to do this from a PAC control script>

If you really do mean an EB2, then yes, you can do it via MMP writes just like any other location.
You can find all the addresses in Pac Manager.

So set your time in the controller, then take each part of the time (hh, mm, ss) and write them to the IP address and MMP address of the EB2.

I have to ask… what timing events are you doing on an EB2 such that it needs accurate time???
This is a really interesting question you have asked…

Hi Ben,
Basic network management, all devices need to be using coordinated time, other wise aggregated logs don’t make sense. I’m using SNMPv2 to monitor my EB2’s, radios, and routers. Below is our current network, and it will grow by 40-60 more well sites for just our first customer.

So, your doing logging on the EB2?