SW Models or Step Files

I’ve previously used proper 3D models for things like a SNAP-PAC-RCK8 which I found *.stp files for here on the Opto22 website.
As far as I can see, not all products have this level of detailed support. As a couple of examples of things I can’t find, I am looking for 3D models of breakout boards like the SNAP-ODC-HDB or say the SNAP-IDC-HDB, amongst other things. Are there models available for these components either OEM or by enthusiastic user groups? Previously I have made simple 3D parts in SW from the dims in the various module documentation sets to populate space in my panel layouts where genuine Opto22 *.stp files were not available.
Interestingly, products like the SNAP-AIMA-HDB have 2D CAD layout files listed but something like a SNAP-ODC-HDB doesn’t.
As always, appreciate any input. Otherwise it is back to making odd looking shapes for me in SW.

Sorry for the slow reply…
I checked with both our graphics guy and one of the machinists and they both concur… What is on the website is what we have. Neither of them have a stash of unpublished 3D models. Sorry.
Hopefully, as you say, perhaps an ‘enthusiastic user’ has a stash they are willing to share…