Support for IEC 61850 Protocol

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I’m in Korea UUS SYSTEM Co., LTD has worked in the.

Our company is using the OPTO22 HMI has built.

ILS, and I want to build using OPTO22,

OPTO22 the IEC 61850 protocol supported?

Answer to expect.

Thank you.

Welcome to the OptoForums! When you say, “the Opto22 HMI,” do you mean [I]groov[/I]? Or PAC Display?

There may be options for connecting some Opto 22 hardware/HMI to other hardware using a data collector with a 61850 driver, such as this driver from Kepware (click here).

However, if you could tell us more about all the hardware and software in your system, that would be helpful for generating more and better ideas or options.

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