SuperTrending with scaling in negative integers

First of all thanks for this forum!
I have recently been handed an upgrade project on an existing opto 22 system.
I have very little knowledge of Opto 22 structure but learning fast.

The old version was 7.1, I updated to 9.2D
The design went fairly well and started revamp the graphics.

In version 7.1 the supertrends have scaling in negative numbers. Either by pen or static.
The scale and display correctly, In version 9.2D the scaling for anything below zero shows a display value of -2.0e+01 instead of I.E. -10, -20 etc.
Since this is a Cold storage warehouse then the analog temps about 120 of them are very common.
The pen plotting is correct just the scaling on the chart??
I tried both static and pen plot scaling to set min./max. values. It doesn’t save below zero or negative value?

I am lost on this one and thanks for any replies!

Gudday wfs63,

First up, welcome to the forums. Glad you like them.

That bug has been found and squashed, there will be a fix for it released with PAC Project 9.2e.

If you have a solid bug like that, it is better to shoot an email straight to
You will get assistance much quicker. The forums are more for brain storming and out of the box solutions / questions.
Also, sometimes they are in a better place to offer beta releases and the like.

Anyway, point is, your not going mad and there is a fix in the wind.


Thanks for the Reply.
I sent an email and called.