Supertrend logging - enable/disable

Are there any ways to programatically disable/enable Supertrends and their associated logs? We have a system that we support for a slew of clients that has up to 32 Supertrend windows. Most clients use some number far less and some any number between. This creates a ton of dead logs and eats up space. If I could enable based on a dynamic attribute, I would be golden. I know those don’t exist, however. Any other options I am not seeing? Resizing would also be nice. A user may load it on one machine with a small display or load it on a large screen. Not being able to resize the supertrend is limiting when it comes to reviewing the data. Thank you for any and all feedback!

The only way I know of and use is a bit of a round robin approach. But will require setting 64 window states for your 32 windows.

-In the supertrend set the logging to disable if the window is closed.
-Set an open window state that iconify’s (open minimized) your super trend window based on your strategies enable var.
-Set a close window state that closes your super trend window based on your strategies disable var.

The minimized (iconified) window will still be visible on teh screen though, which isn’t ideal.

Really good thought Chris (thank you)…but having 32 iconified windows is a no go. I am thinking my best option is to remove all of the windows and instead log via CONTROL to a network location. I could build some sort of generic excel report for clients to read the data. No live graphs or trends in DISPLAY though. However, I am finding all of these unused Supertrends are pretty taxing on the cpu. Any other options out there? Maybe I could build files in CONTROL in a Supertrend format, disable logging in DISPLAY and the user could just open them as historical Supertrends?

EDIT: It doesn’t look like you can write direct to a network location from CONTROL without FTP. So I can use Historic data logs in DISPLAY, but those can’t be opened by Supertrends.

I see two real options: 1) Use historic data logs, remove all Supertrends from my project and use Excel to build graphs. 2) Reduce the log timing to shorten the log files generated by Supertrends and live with the significant number of “dead” log files.