Supertrend - Log file naming

The options to change the log file naming convention is disabled for all of my supertrends (source is set to Automatic). How do I enable the other options? I have 35 different supertrends and it is difficult to know which log file is which. Also, is it possible to change the ID/extension for each of the trends? I am considering deleting/recreating them all to get the IDs in a certain order. Thank you for any and all feedback!

Bump…still have this problem. Is there at least a way to reset the number used if I delete all of the supertrends? I tried doing this and the newly created trends just start back at the next number for their ID (even if the others were deleted). I need them to start at 0 after I remove them all…or better yet have a way to change their ID directly. This seems minor, but is a big problem for our customers. We now have 40+ supertrends and their extensions/names are seemingly random to the client. They have a hard time knowing which log files to review. I was going to play with the options for naming conventions, but I can not get the supertrends to do anything other than automatic. Help :slight_smile:

Ok, I finally figured this out. I had to edit the UUI file using notepad++. If you search for TSuperTrendMgr, you will see a SOH character followed by 11 characters…most of which are NUL. One of them is not. I changed that to a NUL character as well…and bam. The next time I opened my project and added a new Supertrend, it was given a 0 id. Now I just have to recreate all 40+ of my supertrends…but at least I found a solution!