Super Trend Data Logging

Hi Everyone,

I need a little bit of info on supertrend and specifically how to stop the logging files from becoming too big. My company is developing a system for an Opto-22 based system that essential is looking to get info from around 200 PAC’s. With that in mind, we need a way to get that data and beable to look at it in a historical fashion. Supertrends seem to be the way to go but the logging files which store the historical data get astronomical in size. Just gathering 6 points of data with no flux in the data with the deadband set to discreet and the force log set to every 60 mins over 15 minutes took up .4 MB.

Multiply that by 4 and we get just about 1.6MB per hour being taken up in space with no real new records. Thats about 34 MB a day just for one PAC’s Data. This can easily = 6 GB a day with all the PACs which is unrealistic for our server to log.

I’m not sure if I am explaining this very well, but are there any ways to trim down the data for super trends?

I think binary logging might help if you aren’t doing it already, but if the frequency and content requirements are as you’ve described, I think you should be looking at logging into a database using PAC Display Pro or OptoDatalink.

Edit… I just re-read. What frequency do you need to log at? Make sure you set the “refresh time” to that time. It sounds like you have the refresh time set very short.

You can create a short refresh time supertrend for graphical display that is really responsive (with no logging), and a second hidden supertrend chart with a longer refresh time for lower frequency logging.