Suggestion for Pac Display Table Object

The table widget in Pac Display needs a means of selecting the row by an operator.
In other words as an example, I am getting a file via ftp from the MicroSD, and importing it into one string table. This is a CSV file so once the operator has scrolled through the string table (1000 elements long), he needs to be able to select a record in the table which would load an index var in order to parse all the columns into string, integer, and float value variables.
So to summarize, the table object needs a check box to allow selecting the index field of each record and write that index value out to a var. The index field would show up as a push button with the index number on it.

I came up with a work around, but it is no where as clean a solution. I placed a vertical bar on screen which an operator slider, then a set of 5 index vars lined up vertically, which read out the current index value scrolled to. Then in five strings, the part number column next to the index numbers are displayed of the string table. Then I have a up and down push button that scrolls the index numbers up and down in order to search for a part number and have 5 values displayed in any part of the table. Once the operator picks on an index button, it writes the index out to a var, and another function parses only that string into the parameter values for operating the process.

With work-arounds like that you should be ready for groov view!

Okay, I’m done being rotten.

Can you post a screenshot of what you built?

Don’t get me started on View…hehe. Start with the “what would you like on view” post.
Best possible thing Opto could do would be a web based version of Pac Display that has all the current features to start with.

I will when I get a chance next week.

Working on a Prover, proves flow meter accuracies automation style. It has an 8" cylinder driven by a 14 hp Kollmorgen drive that provides flow rate and a API certified counter system for proving the counts accuracies. Not to complicated, but there are a few moving parts…

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