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I am new on Opto so i want to ask a question about downloading a strategy. So after i make tha strategy and i have full connection with my controller when i download my strategy to the controller and run the strategy its all ok but when i leave from debug mode my program dont work properly. For example i have a switch to open a light, so in debug mode and when the pac control software is running its ok it opens but when i close pac software and my controller is running i push the switch i have no action, its closed.

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Are you using SoftPAC?
If not, what rack controller are you using?
Are you using an Ethernet Brain?

Bottom line, when you leave debug, make sure you are not stopping the strategy, just click back to ‘config’ mode.
Once you do that, it will leave your strategy running.

Here is an image of what I mean.

Right now, I am in Debug mode, my strategy is running and I can see the data I need.
You can see ‘Run Strategy’ is grayed out because I am currently running the strategy (or program - a collection of charts is called the strategy).
Once I am done testing, I just click ‘Config’, nothing else.
This will leave the strategy running and I can test it without the computer.

If you are using SoftPAC, you have to leave your computer running.
If you are using a rack mounted controller, you can shut down your computer.
If you are just using an Ethernet Brain, then we need to know how you communicating with it to advise.

Regardless, I highly recommend that you take some time to review the self training resources we have on our website.
You can see them all via this web page;

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Thank you Beno

I just figured it out. I was stopping the strategy but i thought after i downloaded the strategy there will not be problem. Finally i understood why my strategy didnt running,because i was offline. So i dowloaded the strategy and i left it in online mode and then i closed my pc. At this moment all working properly with my pc closed. I am using SNAP-PAC-R2.

I suspect that you have may have managed to leave a breakpoint in your strategy somewhere and then in debug mode it is stopping the program flow. Or maybe changes made in debug mode are not being reflected properly in online mode and you can’t see that the flowchart logic is causing the program to stop.

I would also suggest returning to Configure mode and running the option Edit>Find>Missing Connections

The three modes of PAC Control (Configure, Debug and Online) have nothing to do with the a control strategy running on a PAC Controller. Configure is examining the program source code on your PC, Debug is looking at the same program fully compiled, downloaded and now running on the Controller and Online is a way of making minor changes to the program running on the controller, downloading only the modifications when returning to Debug mode

Once you have downloaded and saved to flash memory and the strategy is running, the PC is really not needed anymore. It should not be that you have to leave the PAC Control in any particular mode in order to make logic work on the controller.

I would also agree with Ben, when new to PAC Control programming its worth your while starting with the basics explained with the training material. Its never good to start to try running before learning to walk.