Static Pen in a Trend

I want to be able to put a line in a trend that represents a threshold. So for example,let’s say I’m measuring battery voltage, I’d like to have a straight line that doesn’t change at say 8 volts so that if you saw one of the pens dip below that you’d know you had a problem. I don’t know much about graphs so my terminology is probably all wrong and for that I apologize.

In any case, I thought I could just use one of the pens and tie it to a constant and it would show a straight line all the time but that seems a little funky to me as it uses a pen for what is essentially a straight line.

I did search the forum but I didn’t see anything on this particular issue, and I also didn’t see anything in the Groov Build manual so I’m here asking for help.



You’ve hit on the right answer for now: just attach a pen to a constant. We don’t have a way of including static data in the trends at the moment.

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A fixed line would be nice, but don’t discount having it as a pen - with a pen it could be configurable from your strategy - so if someone decided that 8 volts was no longer sufficient and wanted it to be 7.95V - then you just change the value. You could have a text box right next to the trend graph even.

Thanks guys, for the quick response.