StartOnPulse on PAC R1

I’m having something strange happening with the StartOnPulse command. I have 4 PAC-R1 controllers running the same program and two of them the StartOnPulse works correctly but on the other two the output just flashes once rapidly. I have it set for 3 seconds. The output is on a SNAP-ODC-32-SRC. All 4 controllers have the same modules in the same positions. the instruction is only used twice in the program and I verified it’s not running the second one right after the first. The output is only used in those two instances. Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a ‘turn off’ command in the strategy, or in another strategy that has that rack configured as remote IO or you have a watchdog configured.

But in short, a ‘turn off’ command will stop the StartOnPulse command dead in its tracks.

I found the problem. On the two controllers that aren’t working I’m using a SetHDDModuleFromMomo instruction which is setting the entire module which was overwriting it. It only runs if the controller IP matches for those two R1’s. Just needed to adjust the bitmask so it doesn’t do anything to the rest of the IO points.


Well done.
Thanks for coming back and letting us know what you found. So very helpful when that happens!