StartOnPulse in PAC Display Pro 10.2


May I know how to implement StartOnPulse function in PAC Display Pro 10.2?

After the user clicked on the button, I would like to latch the signal for a few seconds before release it.

Please assist.

You will need to start the on-pulse via PAC Control.
Put a button in PAC Display that sets a variable, have the button linked to the variable that starts the on pulse and sets the variable false ‘after a few seconds’.

EDIT. Another option might be to have the user generate the on pulse themselves by linking the button to the output. As long as the button is held down, the output is on, when they let go of the button, the output turns off. Would this work for you?

Looks like we are required to do it manually.

Regarding on the additional option, it is not an ideal method as user is using touchscreen panel PC to operate the SCADA.

Are you using Pac Control?

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Yes Ben, PAC Control Pro 10.2