SSI Module Configuration

I have an SSI Module and an SSI rotary encoder connected to a SNAP PAC R1.

I am having some issues getting it all to work. My configuration is as follows
Data Bits: 20
Error Bits: 3
Data Frame Length: 23

Recommended Baud Rate: 400kHz
Clock Divider: 50

Monoflop Time: 20 us
Data Delay: 8

Data Bits in Frame: 20

Error Bit Offset: 21

High indicates Error
Encoding: Gray
Enable Scanning: Enabled

I am likely missing something or misunderstanding something. In PAC Manager I see some data but it does not change when data is refreshed.


I managed to get it working. I increased the data delay significantly. changed 8 to 20 raising the delay time to 50 usec.

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Thanks for letting us know.