Ssh access does not seem to be restored after a firware upgrade

So I got around to installing the upgrade (1.3.0-b60) this afternoon.

I performed a system backup immediately before performing the update, and restored the backup immediately afterwards.

I tried to ssh into the account we created, but the connection was refused.

I notice that the firewall settings were restored. The files in /home/dev/unsecured were restored, too.

However the account we created for compiling programs we will be running on the groov was not restored. I was able to re-create the user shell account, and when I logged in, all the files in that user’s /home directory were gone.

From this, I gather that the shell account is not backed up when a backup is performed.

Is there a way to back up and restore shell accounts from groov manage?

Unfortunately no, shell access and accounts don’t get backed up by groov Manage. The PR1’s SSH key will change after a factory reset too, so you’ll need to clean it out of your known_hosts file.

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