Speed up (or slow down) a video on YouTube -- w/out changing the pitch

Hi OptoFans,

This isn’t exactly an OptoTip, but might be helpful now that OptoMary is participating in more of our videos in the OptoVideo channel on YouTube (like the SoftPAC webinar recording, coming soon).

Turns out you can speed up (or slow down) videos WITHOUT making the speaker sound like a chipmunk – there’s some kind of built-in pitch correction. I found this especially helpful recently when taking an on-line class that involved some longer videos I could watch in half the time! (Actually 1.5x was about right, in that case.)

This link talks about the concept a little, and sends you to this [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/html5”]HTML5 page in YouTube’s site for options on getting the necessary HTML5 support. I had the most luck getting it to work with WebM for IE9, pictured below playing the SoftPAC video on Opto 22’s YouTube channel, called: [URL=“http://op22.co/WEXeOR”]OptoVideo.



Interesting. Google caving in to Apple?? Its still shaky, so I think I will stop with the Flash version.
I didn’t manage to get Ben to sound like a chipmunk, but I did manage to turn him into 3D! Scary stuff!

This is a handy chrome extension I use for tutorials and webinars for slowing down youtube video. You can also set a time marker or repeat a section: