Speed & direction hall effect sensor and EPIC module

The subject of wiring up proximity sensors has come up here before, but I just wanted to be sure before ordering some new ones, and in selecting the correct Groov EPIC module. We have several GRV-IDCIS-12 (DC digital input, 12 channels, 10-30 V, channel-to-channel isolation) units, but I am not sure these will work for my application. We want to place a sensor that detects both speed and direction of a (very slowly) moving gear, like this:

This post mentions that if you have a prox switch that leaks a bit of current in its off state, then you need a very low input resistance, while this post explains how to wire 3-wire prox sensors. I am looking at switches like these, but maybe there is a better “I have it working now” sensor that someone can recommend. Equally important is knowing which EPIC module to use.

I think this module would be better suited for your application