SoftPAC modbus port

Is it someway possible to change the default modbus port on SoftPac to something other than 502? I’ve tried changing it in PAC Manager but it keeps going back to default.

As you know SoftPAC is a windows program, you will need to think about its Admin privileges to run an open port on any port number.
Also the port is not set in PAC Manager, but in the toolkit (or chart you wrote), that’s why it keeps changing as you don’t use PAC Manager.
Lastly, don’t forget to open the Windows firewall port for whatever you end up using.

I’ve set it in the toolkit but it will only work if I use a port other than 502. On the R1’s Iv’e always had to change the default port to 0 in network security thru PAC Manager.

Nevermind, I just tried it and it’s working. I must have set it wrong the first time.