SOFTPAC making use of the PC COM Ports


Can Sofpac send and receive data from the PC COM ports much like we reference Comm ports with R2s and S1s usinf the ser: comm handle?



No. SoftPAC on a Windows PC does not have the USB or serial port drivers loaded…
But… Two things; Firstly, if not already, please subscribe to OptoNews Secondly, what is your use case? We are interested in hearing about the need to use serial ports and SoftPAC.

Hi Ben,

We were looking at it more a test tool for serial device communication using PAC Control as the application platform where you can test serial devices interfaces (scanners, power meters etc) without having to assemble a rack controller or if you don’t have an S1 on hand,

We do have some options coming in the future (see Ben’s hint), so we’re very interested in your use cases and devices you’re connecting.

In the meantime, do you have any EBs on hand? You can use an EB as a Ethernet to Serial converter w/a serial module…

Just thought I’d add my 2 cents here. I’d love it if the SoftPAC could use serial PC serial ports and Ethernet ports. I currently have to use another HMI package when a project needs MODBUS (ASCII/RTU or TCP) for data acquisition. I can get a PC & HMI runtime for less cost then the Groov. Development is a bit more time wise, but I make more on labor then selling hardware.

Yeah. Ok. Thanks for the extra details. I see what you mean… @Dave_D Coming soon, a really sweet solution…

Ben, any update on this?

Urgent request, i have a stirrer (IKA Ministar 80 Control) with a micro usb type b interface. I require to control the RPM and read the RPM from PAC Display Runtime Pro.

The stirrer only come with a “micro usb type b” to “usb type a” cable which use to connect to the computer.

How should i communicate and which converter should i use to connect it to the SNAP-SCM-232 module?


That sounds like the Stirrer only comes with a USB interface, not serial.
Sorry, but we just don’t have any sort of USB interface. Not many PLC’s do (none that I can think of).
Does the software on the PC have some sort of API? Thats the only thing I can think of… Run the software on the PC and interface with that (if the software provides some sort of third party connectivity).

Hi Ben,

I managed to communicate by using visual basic 6.
Since the stirrer was able to communicate via hyperterminal, i used vb6 to replace the hyperterminal and pass the value to opto22 scratchpad.


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Also, sometimes you can use the USB port on a router/switch to act as a converter or buy a USB->Ethernet converter and then create session in SoftPac and connect via Ethernet if they have any docs on the command response portion.

i see. Thanks for the suggestion, appreciate.