Can we use SOFPAC only to communicate with Modbus/TCP devices to gather information and log them in SQL Database? In this case SOFTPAC should act as MODBUS/TCP Master.
Thank you.

That should not be a problem. You will need the Modbus toolkit I believe and OptoDataLink.

I’m sure others with more experience can add to this.

Hey we have a few sites running softpac and with R1’s in the mix polling modbus devices. For the larger sites we use kepware to log the data but on smaller projects like the Marine Fishing Vessels we use softpac with datalink to log Fish Hold Temperatures to MSSQL. Here is a link to a suppliers site with lots of modbus Devices and they work perfectly.

Every system I’ve built involves communicating with some kind of TCP/IP device, frequently with Modbus TCP. Datalink is a great way to get into a SQL database, and potentially, if your database has RESTful support, Opto22 supports that approach as well now too.