Is there any way to communicate with a SOAP v1.2 web service? Specifically, I need to pull info from the SOAP service.

Check out this thread:

Interesting. This isn’t a camera it’s a PC from Compac Sort that operates our Stone fruit sizer.

Yes, the other post is about a camera, but it uses SOAP, and the concepts will be the same.

A post from the thread I linked to:

If you download that Web Service Studio utility, you should be able to put in the URL of your web service WSDL file into the Web Service Studio WSDL Endpoint field and get a list of the web service functions. You will then need to figure out which one(s) you will need to call to get the data you need.

You can make test calls in the Web Service Studio utility for the data you want to retrieve and then use the Request/Response text that it generated to put into your strategy in an HTTP command - changing the parameters as needed with string concatenation. You will most likely need to do quite a bit of string parsing from the resulting data, but that should get you started.