SOAP delivery receipt (Node Red)

I was asked by our SAP team if I can confirm that a SOAP message has been sent through to the SAP interface and if it hasn’t to continue sending until it’s made it though. The latter part I know is possible, but I’m not sure about the first.

From my understanding SOAP is a single direction, but it looks like the SOAP request node also delivers a payload. If I’m sending values to be uploaded into SAP, am I still making a “request” or am I acting as a server? If it’s a request it seems like I’m OK because I can verify that I got a payload in return. I’m leaning towards that because I will be sending out the transmission from the PLC, but I haven’t used SOAP before.

There is a good thread about SOAP here;

Looks like you should be able to get something back via Node-RED and then parse that response and decide what to do from there.
TIP. Set your debug node to display complete msg object.
Look for a HTTP response code of 200?