So happy to see the forums back

I had not previously contributed to the forums in the past. I had but looked to them several times for misc guidance (help me obi-wan). Once they left I was filled with regret that I never participated :(. But now Opto has given me a second chance :D, one that I dare not squander. Thus I clicked on add new user and I’ll post away!

Cheers to you Opto for bringing the forums back! (clink, glug glug glug)

Hey… how do you spell forum anyway? Any chance we could allow a user to edit their thread title so they don’t look so dumb when they make typos? No? Okay.

Thanks for your nice words. Its is great to be back.

To edit the title, click on edit, then click on Advanced.
I changed it for you… feel free to change it back!