SNTP not working

I am trying to get SynchronizeClockSNTP to work.

If I use for URL udp:timesrv:123 I get an error -450 which is DNS can not resolve.

I have tried numerous combinations of this including the fully qualified domain name with no luck. Now that udp: in the front looks suspicious to me as not normal. However if I leave it off I get an error -46 Invalid string.

I tried putting in the IP address of the time server and get the same -46 error.

The standard port is 123 and the NTP standard also says use udp, so I wonder if this command should be revised to accept a more generic URL.

Any suggestions other than right my own script to do this?



Disregard, combination of a typo and it needs the fully qualified name.

Glad you got it working. (Also a valid gateway address and DHCP server address in the PAC is important).

Thanks for letting us know.