SNMP I/O point OID's?

I have made numerous exhaustive searches here on these forums as well as internet searches, and have found no information on this, thus this post.

The equipment and software I’m using:

Opto22 Snap Pac R2

0 Snap IDC5-SW

1 Snap IDC5-SW

2 Snap IDC5-SW

3 Snap ODC5R

4 Snap ODC5R

5 Snap ODC5R

6 Snap OMR6-C

7 Snap AIV-4

8 Snap SCM-485-422

(This will vary from site to site as required by the equipment present.)

Opto22 MIB file (v2)

Burk ArcPlus Touch remote control with SNMP Plus module

Burk AutoLoad remote control configuration software

The Burk ArcPlus Touch remote control is a programmable network manager, which actively interrogates and sends instructions to network agents. For the application I am using, listening for traps is not required. The Burk AutoLoad remote control configuration software has its own built-in MIB browser.

I configured the SNMP in an Opto22 Snap Pack using Pac Manager.

After loading the Opto22 MIB file into the Burk AutoLoad software MIB Browser, I find that the MIB file is just a generic file, and does not show OID’s for each individual input/output point on each Pac module installed. I guess this is because the MIB file cannot define any specific combination of installed I/O modules.

Through trial and error, I located the OID for a specific I/O point on a specific module in the Pac, and confirmed that manager/agent setup is correct.

I can’t find a more practical means of determining the OID’s for each specific individual input/output point. How do I do this?

First up, let me state that I am a little shaky when it comes to SNMP, I know the basics, but once we move past that… well, yeah…
That said, unless someone else has more experience, here are my thoughts…

We use iReasoning SNMP browser here at Opto. Have done for some time and rather like it.
When you load the Opto 22 MIB into it, you can pretty clearly see the I/O areas;

Here we are looking at the analog point area.
Above that is the digital point area.
Under it is the high density digital module area and so on.

Is this what you were looking for?

Look at the digital point area, specifically, the dptEntry/dptState, which the MIB browser reveals has an OID of . This OID is NOT a specific output point.

Using trial and error, I found that the OID of a digital output of a specific I/O point on the PAC contains an additional number. The one I found by trial and error was slot 3, output 1, which is an ODC5R, and its OID is .

I could continue to blunder around and guess or interpolate what each output point is, but there must be some better method of determining the exact OID of each point on each module installed in a PAC controller than this.

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