Ok, hear goes, I am going to have to whine a bit about this. I have dealt with this a couple or more times and I finally remembered to bring this up.
The SNAP-TEX-MR10-16C board is a great idea except for one really really bad implementation issue. Also, note that there is no documentation that shows or details this, you order the part and then find out that of all 16 relays, 8 of them are common to the other 8 relays, therefore, if you need 16 relays that are isolated, you have to buy 2 boards to make that happen…

Please note that SNAP-TEX-MR10-16 board does not have this problem but it also does not have the breakout board cable header which is the reason for buying the SNAP-TEX-MR10-16C board.

Also, while I am at it, two more things could be improved.

  1. The breakout cable header and connector can be connected backwards and there is no indication of which way to connect it.
  2. The terminals used were changed to the old style terminals, and my only problem with these terminals is they are made of phenolic. The problem with phenolic is it is very brittle and breaks.


Hope this did not ruffle any feathers, but I like this board and it would be a relatively simple fix to reroute the printed circuit to separate the relays.

Another version of this board would also have 10 amp SS relays or make a SS relay that would plug into those sockets.

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