Snap R1 already has an IP address

I am wondering if I have to reset my Snap Pac R1 if it already was used and has an IP address, or is there any way for me to connect to it and see the strategies on it? If I can connect to it, how do I do this? Thank you for your time.

Put it on a network that a PC with Pac Manager is running.
Click on Tools. Find Opto devices.
It should show up there.
From there you can configure PAC Terminal for that controller and upload the strategy if one is saved to archive.

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Did you find it?
Here is a post with a little more about the PAC Manager find feature, including a screen shot of what you are looking to see;

I figured it out, the IP address of the controller: “192.168.yyy.zzz” had a different “.yyy” than my computers. To fix this, I went into my computers (windows) control panel/all control panel items/network connections - WiFi - properties - double click IPv4 - manually typed in an address to match up “.yyy” with a different “.zzz”. This took me off the internet, but I was able to find and read the device through Pac Manager. Thank you for your answer, as it helped me with the next step in figuring out why I wasn’t able to talk to the device. However, I cannot open up your site that you sent me, as it says “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” when I click on the link.

I am now having trouble with connecting to an EB-1 Brain. I have found it and read it on PAC Manager, I can ping it in CMD and I have configured a setup in Pac Terminal, but when I click on it in Pac Terminal, I get a timeout error, any thoughts?

PAC Terminal can only talk to controllers, not EB’s that’s why you are getting the timeout. It does not have a control engine listening for PAC Terminal.
In other words, that’s perfectly normal.
You use PAC Manager to inspect and work with the EB.

Sounds like you are up and running. Nice work. Thanks for letting us know.

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Beno, correct me if I’m wrong, but if the device is on a different subnet than the PC or Laptop you are using Pac Manager on it does not find it, right?

You have already made your love of Mikrotik clear Barrett… Thanks.

I guess my point is, most people do not understand that the first requirement of this tool is that you know what the subnet of the Opto device your searching for is…before it will work.
On one hand, it is easier than pinging all the addresses on your current subnet, but, it only tells you that the target device is or is not on your current subnet.
Of course if you do not know what subnet it is on and it is not on the current subnet, then you are better off doing a reset unless you are trying to recover a strategy from that device. In that case, good luck…
Mikrotik is the proper spelling…