SNAP R-Series Multiple Connections

Can multiple PC’s access a single R controller (or any PAC controller or Brain for that matter) on the same Ethernet port (e.g. 2001) at the same time? I’ve always assumed they could but I just wanted to be sure.


Yes! Could be PCs, other PACs, PAC Display, groov … any number of “masters.” Of course, you have to be careful because it can get confusing if you lose track of who’s controlling what and when. Sometimes in the training class here at Opto 22 folks will ACCIDENTALLY program their neighbor’s brain instead of their own and troubleshooting can be a bit tricky. That’s the blessing/curse of Ethernet!

Thank you. That’s what I figured. I have an HMI computer (custom program) and a back office program, both reading status information and data collection from one controller, all via the scratchpad. I just wanted to make sure they weren’t butting heads.

Oh, and thanks for the quick reply!

Accidentally… yea, that’s what happened. :slight_smile:

Ha. I actually fired up softpac on my laptop to do some program testing… the softpac and the R2 controller kept switching settings back and forth… during production… :eek:

Yeah… I now isolate my laptop from the network when I do something like that.

Ah yes, with great power comes great responsibility, especially for those more mischievous of you (not to name any names, rcobourn) who may sometimes do things AccidentallyOnPurpose.

My PLC’s and other industrial devices are all on a different subnet. Keeps things separate.