SNAP-PS5 upstream breaker

I have a SNAP-PS5 power supply that opens the upstream breaker on initial power up. Upon resetting the breaker shortly after the trip, then it remains closed.

This is a C-curve 1A breaker. Not sure if that is normal or not (the breaker could be bad). I’m thinking of going to a 1A D-curve, or a 2A C-curve (which I think I have used successfully in other panels).

What do you all normally use in your panels for the PS5?

I would go with the larger breaker as long as it doesn’t exceed the wire size amp capacity. The thermal trip curve between a C or D curve is virtually the same. The magnetic trip curve for a C is about 5 to 6 seconds, for a D it’s about 10 seconds. I’m assuming your breaker is tripping quickly. Since the PS5 also has its own internal slow blow fuse I would use the breaker to protect the cabling to the PS5 since the power supply is already protected.

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