SNAP PAC REDN System Issue of Downloading

Hi Everyone

I have worked on the REDN system with S1 controllers, while working with it i am facing below problems
  1. Controllers loop time getting increasing while comparing to standalone controller

  2. where as after few months of installation, when i am going to change the code in the controller (while i am trying to download the code) it is not downloading (there is no change over of controller, instead of that it is going to stop mode) , after power recycle of REDN system only OPTO Code is downloading inside the controller,

[B]Note: i checked before downloading Controllers & Arbitor LED’s are in Healthy state only [/B]
Please suggest me how to handle this situation. thank you

i have the same problem with an installation i did earlier in the year. ive contacted opto and the answer was firmware upgrade. B9.4d or later. hope this helps.

you can download i think by bypassing the arbitor…