Snap PAC not being able to recognize Epic Rio

HI Guys

I have a situation where i have a Groov Epic controlling multiple Epic Rios. When i download the program into the Groov Epic and try to connect to the Epic Rio as an IO, it does not respond. I tried activating the IO and hit apply, but it still doesnt work.

I also updated all the firmwares available for each Rio and Epic and still i have no connection with it.

Have you guys seen this before?


What is “the program” that you are using? (Node-RED, PAC Control, Codesys, Ignition, something else?)

Are you using hostnames or IP addresses for the RIO?

From the EPICs groov Manage Network Tools menu, can you ping the RIOs?

Sounds like a network issue, but need a little more to go on…

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